Planning Tips

  • Not Sure Which Package You Want?

    That's no problem. Pick any when you book; later you may change the package at no cost, as long as you do so before the day of your event. Note that one of the packages in not available for all time slots.

  • Need More Than 2 Hours?

    Remember that kids here will play as a friendly bunch on many inflatables. After about an hour kids start getting exhausted & hungry. Our 2-hour parties with 1 hour 20 mins play time followed by 40 mins in the party room have suited thousands of parties over 10+ years. Many similar places offer even shorter parties. We can rarely extend your party time unless it's the last party of the day. Even then, you'll have to book any extra time in advance, but you'll most likely not use it & regret paying for the extra time. Another option would be to book two adjacent slots, but you'd pay twice as much. If you insist on extra time, the Hall Rental option might be better in many ways.

  • Want To Continue Playing After Your Party is Over?

    Since most of our parties are fully private, the play areas will usually be exclusively occupied by another party when yours is over. But, if there's a semi-private party in the play area or a public open play session is in progress, you may re-enter the play area. In that case, a regular admission charge will be due for each player. Note that we strongly discourage younger children from playing after eating due to gastronomical reasons.

  • Want To Bring Outside Characters / Entertainers?

    They're welcome as long as you bear all responsibilities for their acts. They should entertain the kids by staying on the floor in the play areas instead of getting on the inflatables. Also, note that unlike the spacious play areas, the party room has limited open space for such entertainers.