Party Packages

We have four packages offering two privacy levels: fully private and semi-private. The difference is in your use of the two play areas. Your party room (eating area) is always private.

Fully Private Package

Gives you exclusive access to both play areas. By far the best experience. Most customers book these packages. Also, this is a big reason why our place has been popular since 2005; very few other places offer anything similar because they put all their parties in one big play area or smaller areas that may be separate but not private. While you're in the first play arena, you may also enjoy the Galactic Glow option at no extra cost (previously a $20 add-on); the arena will be semi-dark with special effect lights, which is popular with older kids or kids who aren’t afraid of a little darkness. If you don't want Galactic Glow, we'll turn on the main, bright light.

Semi Private Package

Gives you shared access to the play areas. Specifically, those areas are open to the public, i.e., walk-in customers, but not used by another party. Although these packages cost less, there are some compromises; for more details, see the Semi-Private tab.

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Of weekend Neptune or Pluto Package

Party Package Details

  • General
  • Prices
  • Deals
  • Semi Private
  • Outside Stuff
  • Cancellation

Each package includes a fixed number of admissions for bouncers and some amenities, but no cake (which you must bring). You can add extra admissions ($10) and party amenities to any package. The term 'bouncers' refers to children up to age 18 (except infants) whether or not they play AND adults who do play.

Common to all packages

  • Lasts 2 hours (three 40-min segments): play arena 1 followed by 2, then a private party room all one area at a time
  • Full-service Wow! Staff so you can relax
  • FREE admission for adults who don't play
  • Complimentary souvenir for the Wow! Kid (crown or tiara)
  • Complimentary paper products (plain white)
  • VIP parking right by the entrance
Basically, if you bring only the cake, we can provide the rest for a basic party. You're also welcome to bring certain outside items; see restrictions/surcharges in the Outside Stuff tab here.

Package prices vary based on day and time, the off-peak times being cheaper; see details in the Prices tab next.

If you have some special needs or circumstances, check out these planning tips.
Also, we strongly recommend that you review these important info as well as our many FAQs

*Last revised: 08/07/2017

*The table below shows time slots corresponding to different color-coded rates in the price table above.

If you’re flexible with time, you can save money with the following discounts.**

Military/Veteran Discount: $10 off

Save $10 off any package any time. Please present appropriate ID.

Mon-Thu Deal: $20 off

Save $20 off already low regular weekday price (excludes school holidays) when you book a party package during our regular store hours.

Friday Deal: Extra FREE play time

Play FREE IN A SHARED arena for up to 40 minutes BEFORE your party starts, unless both our play arenas are being used by private events, which is very unlikely. Simply show up earlier than your scheduled start time.

Hall Rental Deal: $50 off per EXTRA hour

Save $50 off the standard $200/hour rate, i.e., you’ll pay only $150/hour for every extra hour that you add to the minimum 3-hr rental. This is applicable not to party packages, but to Hall Rental reservations as described on this page.

**Max 1 discount is available for any booking.

Note – that our online booking system shows the regular price. If you qualify for any discount, simply mention it in the comments after you pay the deposit or via email/phone, and we’ll send you a revised invoice reflecting the discount.

If you consider MARS or JUPITER package, remember that –

  • Play areas are not private, i.e., both are open to the public (you’ll have a private party room though).
  • Some kids you don’t know may not behave to your liking, and their accompanying adults may not respond gracefully.
  • Although cheaper, these packages may not be your best choice if:
    • you have younger kids and don’t want them play with older kids, or
    • you aren’t comfortable with kids or parents/adults whom you don’t know, or
    • you want to enjoy Galactic Glow (i.e., arena 1 will be semi-dark with special effect lights, which is popular with older kids or kids who aren’t afraid of some darkness)
  • If you want the play areas all to yourself, consider instead our fully private packages, i.e., Neptune or Pluto.

Outside Decorations

  • No plain latex balloons, please (to avoid mixup with ours); you must buy them from us, if you need.
  • Mylar balloons ok; but must be brought in already inflated.
  • No wall or ceiling decorations, please.
  • Table decorations ok, as long they can be setup during the 20-minute period of early access that you’ll have to the party room.

Outside Food

  • $10 surcharge per tray (up to medium size)
  • Due to limited counter space, max 3 trays, each small or medium (i.e., not large)
  • Only dry finger foods, please (e.g., sandwich, nugget, spring roll, samosa, etc. that you can pickup with finger, but no rice, pasta, noodle, etc. that you need to eat with utensils)
  • NOT something we sell (i.e., no pizza, fruit tray, or vegetable tray)
  • NOT require warming or cooling
  • You’ll be responsible for all such foods.
  • No outside drinks. please

The restrictions above apply only to party package reservations. In contrast, Hall Rental reservations have fewer restrictions (e.g., you may bring more food, drinks--all without any surcharge).

Common to all packages

  • The $100 deposit (that you pay to secure any reservation) is non-refundable. Sorry, no exception.
  • You may reschedule before 1 week for $50, but the new date must be within 4 weeks of the original date.
  • If you cancel or reschedule within 1 week of your party date or if you don’t show up for your event, we can’t re-book the slot at the last minute, and so you’d also be responsible for paying the entire remaining balance, including any order placed for catered food (e.g., pizza, fruit platter, vegetable platter, etc.).