Field Trips

Since 2005, we've had many schools, churches, community centers, and other organizations regularly choose our facility as the coolest field trip destination for a hot summer. Although summer may be the biggest season for field trips, it's not the only time of the year. Got a bunch of kids who want to have fun? Come on over.

You can also use the Field Trip option for Little League Awards, Scout/Troop events, Fundraisers.

Have you planned your field trips yet?

Kids love playing at Planet Wow. Our amazingly cool state-of-the-art bounce arenas are filled with awesome inflatables. it's a chance for kids to jump, slide, and climb with non-stop excitement. They'll create lifelong memories to share with friends. They definitely deserve it all.

We provide an easy, no-hassle experience with up to eight inflatables for LESS than the cost of a renting just ONE decent inflatable at your own place ... and the weather here inside here is guaranteed to be great around the year!

If you need to download our printable field trip flyer, click here.
Once you book a field trip, if you're sales tax-exempt, please verify here, complete this form, and then present it to us before paying the balance.