Why Choose Us?

Children can have ACTIVE fun with MANY awesome games

Children will have active fun as they jump, slide, and climb into our many awesome inflatables with non-stop excitement. Most other places offer a single activity (like jumping on a trampoline that can get boring fast) or passive activities (like arcades) that fail to engage kids physically or in a meaningful manner.

Inflatable fun suitable for ALL AGES

Kids of all ages have a blast on our variety of inflatables. Even parents/adults are welcome on most of our games for quality family fun. Most other places cater only to younger kids or only to older kids, & they seldom allow adults to join in the fun.

We have 10+ years of experience

Parents can depend on us as we've been here since 2005 and held many thousands of parties over past 10+ years. Most similar places being relatively new struggle with the minute details of hosting an amazing party.

You can have a fully private party

We're known for our private party packages. Most other places can feel like a zoo as they put multiple parties in the same room with no appreciation for customers' desire for a little privacy. Here you can have exclusive use of every room while you're in it. This way you'll have peace of mind entertaining your own guests minus the strangers from another party. That's almost like having a party hall in your own back-yard, except you won't have the headache that often comes with hosting such a party at home.

Say goodbye to hassle

When you have a party here, our full-service staff will help you with all the chores. You'll be able to relax as you as you make a reservation. That's quite different from most other places where their party staff simply stand there while you do most of the work.

You'll have a full 2-hour party

Our regular packages include plenty of time in two play arenas followed by the party room (and you can have even longer parties with our Hall Rental option). Most other places limit your party times in creative ways, leaving you to feel rushed throughout.

Outside food okay

You may bring outside food subject to some restrictions (surcharge may apply). Most other places don’t allow outside food so they can force you to buy their expensive junk.

Huge off-peak savings

You can have deep off-peak discount with any package if you’re flexible timewise. Most other places charge you the same even during times that are low in demand.

You can have the entire place

You can have the entire facility to yourself for ridiculously low rates during off-peak times, especially for a larger group or longer duration. Most other places won’t allow you to have the whole place, or they’d charge an arm and a leg.


You’ll have a big fun, big value experience with our party packages that are affordable for most budgets. Many other places make birthday parties a luxury experience that only a few can afford without taking a loan.

Strong community ties

In the past we operated under a different name as part of a nationwide franchise operated from elsewhere. But now we're a private, family-owned business so we understand your needs well and can serve you even better than before.